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Chemical burn – We see patients with chemical burns in their eye fairly often. Many things, including everyday items (such as household cleaners), have the potential to damage your eye if they make their way into it.
This also includes fumes- many chemicals off-gas fumes that are harmful to your eyes. This is especially true when a chemical undergoes a reaction (such as when you inadvertently mix two cleaning agents together).

Foreign body in the eye – This can range from a small grain of sand to metal shavings (and everything in between). If you get something stuck in your eye, do not rub your eye in an attempt to remove it. Furthermore, attempting to remove it yourself could exacerbate the problem.

Our optometrists will carefully remove foreign bodies and treat any scratching or injury they may have caused.

Eye pain – Your eyes are not supposed to hurt. Unlike other areas of the body, where occasional pain is somewhat normal, you should not experience pain from your eyes. Eye pain is cause for immediate investigation by an optometrist- visit us ASAP!

Loss of vision – A sudden loss of vision is an emergency and needs to be assessed by an eye doctor immediately. Sudden vision loss can be a result of many factors, including a retinal detachment. Immediate medical intervention can be the difference between restoring vision and permanent vision loss!

Floaters/flashes – While most people will experience floaters or flashes at some point in their lives, a sudden and dramatic increase in either needs to be assessed by an eye doctor. If you start seeing a considerable amount of either – almost as if you’re watching a “shower” of floaters/flashes – visit us immediately.

Many eye diseases can present floaters as symptoms, and flashes in your vision may be indicative of an impending eye emergency (such as a retinal detachment).

Pink eye – Pink eye (aka, conjunctivitis) can be highly infectious and, of course, has several different root causes. All cases of pink eye should be assessed and diagnosed by an eye doctor in order to determine the appropriate treatment.

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Our office is located approximately a quarter-mile south of the Cedar Rd and Country Club Blvd intersection. For you coffee and donut lovers, we are directly beside the Dunkin’ Donuts.

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