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Vision Therapy

Did you know that 1 in 4 children have an undiagnosed vision related learning disability?
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Vision Therapy Helps With Vision Related Learning Problems

Many Learning and Behavioural Problems Stem From Vision Issues

It’s frustrating to watch your child struggle to succeed when you know they’re bright and filled with potential. You see them perform far below their ability level at school and at home. Relationships, confidence, grades, motivation and their general outlook on life start to suffer. You begin to question your child and yourself.

Is my child just being lazy? Why is my child so uncoordinated? What am I missing?

Parents search for answers through tutors, counselors, psychologists and other professionals. It becomes clear that an underlying problem remains, and the solution to that problem holds the key to success.

Vision is a Learned Process

“We cannot speak of vision and intelligence… they are one and the same thing.” –
Ward C. Halstead, PhD

Who would your child be if there was nothing holding them back? Imagine your child actually enjoying learning, celebrating good grades and taking pride of their accomplishments. Consider this: the answer may lie in your child’s vision.

Eyesight and vision are two distinct entities. You can have great eyesight, yet poor vision. Vision happens in the brain; it’s a learned process that results from our development, how the eyes interact with the brain and how we interpret and process information. Seeing 20/20 is simply the ability to see clearly from one point to another. Vision, however, is the intricate process of taking what we see and understanding it.

We often take for granted the delicate yet precise coordination our eyes need to accomplish everyday tasks. That’s why many vision problems that affect learning cannot be treated with glasses alone. Improving vision is absolutely essential for success.

Vision Therapy: Empowering Kids Through Vision

Because vision is a learned process, it can be trained and developed. We provide access to a simple, yet transformational vision therapy system. Vision Therapy combines principles of optometry, ophthalmology, neurology, sensory integration, movement, perception and development into one treatment plan. Our focus is on the whole child, rather than just the eyes.

We will implement an individualised vision therapy program using a systematic, measurable and sequential approach that is easy to understand for both child and parent, ultimately leading to enhanced motor and perception skills. The Vision Therapy program guides the student through four distinct phases: ENGAGE, STIMULATE, FUSE, and INTEGRATE. Each stage is essential in the overall visual development of a successful child.

Interested in Vision Therapy for your child? Our questionnaire will help you determine if your child qualifies for candidacy.


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Growing Step By Step

To participate and become involved.

Here the student becomes familiar with the process, learns the foundational exercises and understands how to appreciate certain aspects of vision that are important moving forward, such as double vision, convergence, depth perception, etc. Once the student masters the foundational skill of engagement, we move on to phase two.

To encourage or arouse interest or enthusiasm, and encourage development of or increased activity.

Building off of a strong and solid foundation, we challenge the student through a series of medically based hierarchical activities. These work to stimulate areas of the brain and nervous system, making new connections and elevating visual skills. This is often when we see a “shift” in behavior patterns. The stimulation phase requires commitment and is where students spend a majority of their time in the Vision Therapy program.

To join or blend to form a single entity.

Now we begin fusing skills the student has learned together; merging them into the process of fluent, coordinated and efficient vision. Fuse is where we begin to see drastic changes in reading, learning, comprehension and logic. For many students, this is the first time they have ever perceived depth. Their world is no longer “flat” – but has dimension and brilliance. Notable improvements in coordination occur in this phase.

To combine one thing with another to form a whole.

Here we integrate the visual system with the rest of the body. This is where it all comes together. The Integrate phase involves gross motor skills and whole body movement. Coordination, reaction, depth perception and visual-spatial skills are elevated and combined with the skills learned in the other core areas.

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